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Trying to join many parties in the spare time will increase their chance of meeting soul mates. Remember to avoid judging others casually and visiting humid places. See general introduction to Tiger Fortune in Tiger people can lay more attention on their love and family, particularly in the fourth lunar month. It is important to keep calm to deal with all problems.

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In second half of the year, they should look after themselves well to prevent diseases. Personality of the Tiger.

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Tiger Luck Prediction by Month Luck Prediction by Month I have two job offers, one working as a Trainee for Consumer and Health and the other one working as a Trainee but for a company related to Car Rental Field. Earth-Tiger Here.

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Well, the prediction shows that you are suitable for a trainee for consume and health. But you should also follow your heart. Find a career that you really interested in.

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Mercury also tends to be a highly analytical, rational planet. Mercury wants to think its way through life, while Pisces energies inspire us to step beyond facts and concrete concepts to embrace spirituality and the unknown. Pisces welcomed Mercury to its celestial mansion on February 10, so you already may notice your thoughts loosening up, becoming more holistic and artistic as you draw on both your left and right brain hemispheres.

You may even take up drawing or doodle more these days.

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You also may dream more or more vividly. This opportunity will continue through April 17, so enjoy the mental break and tap your muse through drawing or one of the other arts, especially dance, music, film, photography, painting, or design. With Mercury retrograde, though, let your choice be something fun and highly right brained, colorful, and imaginative.

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Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, making this month the end of the astrological year. Pisces helps us dream and create.

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It also supports healing, especially through compassion for ourselves and others. Sometimes that requires solitude for rest and recuperation, which this sign grants us, along with a love of spirituality so we can connect with our inner lives and higher selves.

Take this annual opportunity to spend some time alone. Meditate , pray, and reflect on the past year. What did you do, say, think, or feel that gave you joy? How have you grown as a soul? And how have you used your gifts to express your best self and help others? Use the fruits of your reflections to envision the coming year after Pisces time ends.

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Let your most inspiring thoughts and visions take shape in exciting new projects once the new astrological year begins in late March and after the Mercury retrograde ends, too. Uranus will remain there through mid, which will concentrate this energy over time to force new perspectives and plenty of change. When Uranus is in the picture, change tends to come swiftly, out of the blue. You hit some roadblocks when expansive Jupiter starts spending time in strict Capricorn starting on Sultry Venus, your home planet, sextiles powerful Mars on December 3, kicking your love life into Lucky Jupiter begins its trip through ambitious Capricorn on December 2, which in all honesty can There is a complexity and seriousness to your thinking during the Mercury-Pluto sextile on December When expansive Jupiter enters your ambitious sign on December 2, you work hard to get what you want When talkative Mercury enters adventurous Sagittarius on December 9, your mind becomes more open